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Maybe you’ve ever hesitated to explore a lightweight touring setup because you have heard words like “flimsy,” “delicate,” and “can’t ski hard enough” used to describe gear. Salomon’s MTN Explore 88W is here to prove every nay-sayer wrong. One of the most advanced skis on the market, the Women’s MTN Explore provides an unbelievable level of ski-ability for the weight. Total Edge Reinforcement is a technology that implements a vibration-reducing fiber into the core that runs tip to tail, improving edge grip in hard snow. When combined with the ABS Sidewalls that live underfoot, the MTN Explore 88W is capable of confidently holding an edge in even the nastiest terrain. The wrapped Karuba core is energetic like an alpine ski for the way down. Infusing the core with a state-of-the-art CFX Superfiber increases lateral stability for a powerful edging platform in steeper terrain and makes finding the limit of the ski difficult. The tip of the ski is comprised largely of Koroyd, a low-density honeycomb structure made of 90% air, an alarmingly lightweight damping system. Designed to leave a smile on your face, both up and down, the MTN Explore Women’s 88 has the capability, versatility, and power to be the mainstay of every backcountry skier’s quiver.

    Salomon MTN Explorer 88W (2021)

    $799.95 Regular Price
    $399.95Sale Price
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