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The Dancehaul Pro has a mountain of personality, from high-speed carving and side hits to park and pow. A tapered directional shape with a tight sidecut and extra width provide unmatched agility in all conditions while Ghost Carbon Beams assure a smooth ride tip to tail. Rock Out Camber and Popster Core combine for a freestyle feeling underfoot.

Salomon Dancehaul Pro Ltd.

$549.95 Regular Price
$329.95Sale Price
    • ADDITIVES - Ghost Carbon Beam: Two carbon beams inserts on tip and tail for maximum pop and increased stability during high speed charging.
    • FIBER & RESIN - BA MD fiberglass: Medium density European-made fiberglass layers guarantee a consistent quality level, for light and lively boards.
    • FIBER & RESIN - 30% Bio-based resin: This bio-epoxy resin is made with 30% of its molecular structure derived from plants.
    • ADDITIVES - Ghost Basalt stringers: Basalt stringers are sewn into a trial layer for durable pop, control and damp ride at high speed, and easy maneuverability when you’re keeping it mellow.
    • ADDITIVES - Popster: The core is strategically milled inside of the insert packs, allowing the board to flex more naturally underfoot and transfer energy into the nose and tail for added pop.
    • BASE MATERIAL - Sintered EG: Engineered for fast glide speed and maximum wax retention in all conditions. Gallium strengthens impact resistance, while the Electra finish enhances speed.
    • CORE TYPE - Aspen SLCT: Every single wood strip is hand selected to ensure unparalleled core quality and lightness.
    • BASE FINISHING - Area51: Built to go faster and higher, Area 51 is our fastest base material that utilizes a high-density sintered base with a top secret wax formula and factory finish.
    • BASE FINISHING - Natural wax: A paraffin-free wax compound made from natural ingredients. A non-pollutant compound held to the highest standards of glide speed.
    • EDGE FINISHING - All-Mountain EB: All-Mountain ready, right out of the wrapper. Equipped with a 1-degree bevel in the nose and tail and a 2-degree bevel between the feet for superior edge hold and no hang ups.
    • SUSPENSION - Gunslinger Sidewall: The pinnacle of Slingshot technology, implementing carbon inlays that run the full length of the board to meet reaction and shock absorption needs of Bode Merrill.
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