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We all know it’s the size of the fight in the dog that matters. For too long smaller-framed shredders have been overlooked during ski development, relegated to half-baked, shrunken chargers or noodly wigglers. Not anymore. The Short Pants Paradox was designed from the ground up with a 112 waist, powerful flex and long turn radius to provide high-performance big-mountain charging characteristics in a shorter length. Everyone from big mountain competition juniors to shredding women and men who don’t require the surface area and float of longer lengths can enjoy a ski designed to lace 20-meter turns down the fall line at high speeds while trusting the SPP to stand up to all the punishment they can dish out.

Armada Short Pants Paradox

$799.95 Regular Price
$479.95Sale Price
  • Radius 21.5
    Side Cut Tip 136
    Side Cut Waist 111
    Side Cut Tail 130
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